Square has acquired photo sharing app Viewfinder

Posted Dec 6, 2013

Square has acquired the photo sharing app Viewfinder. Viewfinder was building a private social network that lets users send photos. Users can share photos in the network, but you can revoke access to the photos.

“The reality behind the reputation is better yet. All of that talent is focused on the mission to make commerce easy — a big challenge and an even bigger opportunity. We love how Square keeps engineering novel solutions to problems people didn’t imagine could be fixed. Their products have already helped millions of local businesses, and the future is more exciting still. We knew Square was the place for us,” said ViewFinder on their homepage following the acquisition. “We?ve always been proud of our New York City roots, so it’s great to see Square’s contribution to fulfilling the city?s promise as a world capital for technology. We?re excited to help Square build out its NYC office. With its deep tradition in finance, a burgeoning tech scene, and more than 200,000 small businesses in just 300 square miles, the greatest city in the world is a perfect fit for Square.”

Existing Viewfinder users will be able to still use the Viewfinder app for the time being, but there will no longer be updates. The terms of the deal were undisclosed.

[Source: VentureBeat]