Square’s iPad App Gets Updated To Support Kitchen Tickets

Posted Apr 29, 2013

Square has updated their Square Register point-of-sale iPad app.  The update is intended to better serve restaurants.  Some of the new features include customer order modifiers and customizable kitchen tickets.  This allows restaurants to take orders and serve food efficiently.

The Square Register app on the iPad allows merchants to accept payments and customize permissions for employees on the register.  The Square Register app also provides access to sales reports and the ability to print receipts wirelessly.

Some of the order modifiers can be things like “hold the mayo” and “light on the salad dressing.”  Names can be attached to the modifiers.  Receipts with modified orders can be printed through the Square Register app.

There are tens of thousands of merchants in the food industry that uses Square.  The number of restaurants and food-related businesses that use Square has nearly tripled in the past year.  The amount of money process has nearly quadrupled also.  You can download the new Square Register app now from the Apple App Store now.

For more information about the Square Register update, check out the video below: