Stanford University To Offer “Facebook for Parents” Course

Posted Feb 9, 2009

Stanford University, the Ivy Plus tech-focused school based in Palo Alto is especially known for producing some of the Silicon Valley’s most elite.  Stanford was one of the first schools I’ve heard of that is teaching students how to learn social media and build iPhone applications.  But now Stanford is offering something for less tech-savvy people, parents.  Stanford wants to teach parents how to use Facebook through an introductory course.

The Facebook for Parents course starts this month and is already full.  Stanford students will be providing parents with one-on-one tutoring of everything Facebook-related from updating statuses to uploading pictures.  “Responsible parenting means being aware of what your children are doing,” stated Linda Phillips, a teacher for the course.  Phillips is teaching the course with her brother and psychologist at Stanford BJ Fogg.

About 9% of Facebook’s total users are adults older than 35.  This demographic is also the fastest growing demographic according to The Mercury News.  The class is free and open to all parents.  Some of the subjects include “The ABC’s of Facebook,” “Ten Steps To Protect Loved Ones,” and “Friending, Posting, Updating: Life Skills for the Future.”