Staples and RadioShack Stop Using Amazon Lockers

Posted Sep 19, 2013

Staples and RadioShack is no longer using in their retail stores because the partnership has not met expectations.  Last year, these retail chains launched a system where Amazon shoppers could make an order on the web and have it delivered to these stores. 

Amazon users would not have to pay an extra cost for picking it up.  Consumers would not have to worry about people stealing their packages when they were not at home too. is major competition for both Staples and RadioShack though.  The hopes for these retailers is that consumers would come pick up their items and then continue to shop while inside the retail stores.

Getting people to walk into retail stores can be a challenge nowadays.  And even when people come inside, it is difficult to prevent “showrooming,” which is the process of finding a product they like in the store and then ordering it for cheaper online.

[Source: Bloomberg]