Staples Partnering With Mcor Technologies For 3D Printing

Posted Nov 30, 2012

Staples and Mcor Technologies are partnering on a new project that will let you print 3-D objects at your local Staples retail store.  The new service is called “Staples Easy 3D.”

Customers will be able to upload their designs to the Staples website and then pick up their printed objects at their local store. They can also have them shipped to their home or business.  The project was announced at the Euromold 2012 conference.

Mcor will be using their Iris printers for the service.  The Iris printers uses reams of paper that are cut and printed while stacked and glue together.  This method uses a thickness of 100 microns, which is similar to the MakerBot Replicator 2.

The printers even have the ability to add photorealistic coloring.  The printed objects have a wood-like hardness, but it is actually layered paper grain.  This is the first time that a chain retailer is offering this type of service.

The Staples Easy 3D service will launched in the Netherlands and Belgium in Q1 2013.  It should be rolled out to other countries shortly after.  Below is a video of what the printer looks and how it works: