Starbucks Card Mobile: Is Paying for Coffee with Your Phone the Future?

Posted Jun 29, 2011

Starbucks Card Mobile is, according to Mashable, a vision of the future of mobile payment technology. They offer apps for iPhone, BlackBerry and Android that allow users to pay for their coffee with their phones. The mobile payment is an option at about 9,000 US Starbucks locations.

The app puts users’ Starbucks Cards on their phones, barcodes and all. The Starbucks Card program also includes the My Starbucks Rewards loyalty program, and Starbucks Cards Mobile is just the next step in that line. Adam Brotman, vice president and general manager of digital ventures at Starbucks, is overseeing the Mobile program and says it “gave the store partners and our customers an extra moment to connect.”

The Mobile program has been active since 2009 and also makes it easier for Starbucks customers to connect with the Rewards loyalty program. Its tie-in incentives that will surely convince some Starbucks customers to switch over to paying with their phones.