Starbucks CIO Stephen Gillett Said Laptop Usage Is Flat, Making It A Risky Problem For Microsoft

Posted Oct 23, 2010

Tech blogger Robert Scoble did an interview with Starbucks CIO Stephen Gillett. Gillett showed Scoble a demo of the Starbucks Digital Network that I wrote about earlier this month. The Starbucks Digital Network will be displayed to the 30 million people a month that connect to free WiFi at Starbucks. What Gillett revealed was very interesting.

Gillett said that laptop usage is flat and may be even declining. Mobile usage is growing a great percentage every month. If you extrapolate these percentages through the next two years, you could imagine that the newest operating system created by Microsoft could be “risky.” At Starbucks, devices made by Apple are used more in their stores than others.

Gillett wanted to design some Adobe Flash features on the Starbucks Digital Network, but Apple refuses to support that technology. So the Starbucks Digital Network was built using HTML5.