Starbucks Mayors On Foursquare Get $1 Discount On Frappucinos

Posted May 18, 2010

Starbucks is giving back to the Foursquare community. On top of the Barista badge that is awarded to users who frequent Starbucks in multiple cities, the coffee company is now awarding those that become “mayors.” Mayors is a title earned by Foursquare users that frequent a venue at a specific location the most out of any other user.

Starbucks Mayors on Foursquare will receive $1 discounts on Frappucino drinks. This offer is valid until June 28. ?Starbucks is particularly innovative as it relates loyalty and social media,? stated Foursquare business development head Tristan Walker noted. ?So we continue to be super excited to explore this intersection with them.?