Stardoll Buys Out Piczo

Posted Mar 9, 2009

Stardoll is an avatar website that lets you customize the clothing for your favorite celebrity and save the image.  Stardoll makes money by charging for the virtual goods.  They even sell gift cards at retail stores.  Stardoll raised about $10 million in funding from Index Ventures and Sequoia Capital in 2006.  Stard0ll currently has about 30 million registered users and receives 12 million unique visitors per month.

Stardoll has recently agreed to buy out Piczo for an undisclosed sum.  The transaction is based on cash and equity.

“According to Stardoll CEO Mattias Miksche, who is based in Stockholm, Sweden, said the acquisition was driven by an apparent interest by Stardoll?s users to express themselves in more ways, including through publishing,” wrote Jorgen Lindqvist in a VentureBeat article.