Startup, NetHooks Taking LinkedIn Head-On

Posted Dec 5, 2007

NetHooks is a new professional social networking site that is made for students, alumni, and other entry level professionals. Based on the screen shots I have seen so far, NetHooks looks interesting, but the social network is already entering a market that has major players already established. It would be rather difficult to take market-share from the social networks that already have millions of loyal users.

However, the social network has made it easy for any new user to directly import information from their LinkedIn contacts and profile data. The features were created in response to the speculations about LinkedIn being in talks with News Corp. for an acquisition.

The competitive advantage that NetHooks has is the desire to appeal to a different kind of niche. I believe that NetHooks is tailored more towards a demographic of people I refer to as yuppies (young urban professionals). NetHooks is a combination of Network and Hook-ups. Another competitive advantage is NetHooks will provide the ability to have a social profile within a professional profile.

NetHooks also intends on providing other useful tools for yuppies. This includes internship listings and samples works such as thesis’, sample code, blue prints, videos, etc. Users will be able to build a resume in NetHooks and track professional events. After logging into the site, I found that it was very easy to navigate around the site and that it seems very organized. But I must reiterate that NetHooks needs to find a way to truly distinguish itself in terms of design from the other typical social networks aside from just the features. The site looks very Web 2.0ish. Below is a screen shot:

NetHooks is currently in private beta and started in October 2007. The site was brought to my attention by Chris Sel, the co-founder of NetHooks.