Starz Launching TV Series With Facebook Game and Selling 25% Equity To Weinsteins

Posted Jan 5, 2011

Starz, LLC is launching a new TV series called Spartacus: Gods of the Arena. Along with launching the TV series, the TV channel is also launching a Facebook game and an iPad application. The Sparacus Facebook game is one of the first social media games that is based on a television show. In the Facebook game, you manage a gladiator school as the role of Lanista. You have to assemble your own team of gladiators and battle them in Roman arenas. The full launch is expected to happen on January 21st.

In related news, Starz LLC is selling 25% stake in the company to The Weinstein Company. The announcement was made by Starz LLC President and CEO Chris Albrecht and The Weinstein Company Co-chairman Harvey and Bob Weinstein.