Steve Ballmer takes pride in his time at Microsoft

Posted Dec 11, 2013

Steve Ballmer gave a final interview as Microsoft CEO to reporter Mary Jo Foley. Ballmer’s most notable quote was:

“In the last five years, probably Apple has made more money than we have. But in the last 13 years, I bet we’ve made more money than almost anybody on the planet. And that, frankly, is a great source of pride to me.”

Ballmer said that his job from day one was how to make money at the company. Ballmer said that he “the business guy, whatever that meant.”

“That doesn’t mean nobody else ever thought about it, but ‘How do you make money?’ was what I got hired to do. I’ve always thought that way,” added Ballmer.

Since Ballmer focused specifically on making money first, innovation was a challenge. Google focuses on the product first and then figures out how to make money from it. Android, Google Glass, and Gmail at Google were simply just “fun” and side projects for the company at first.

Ballmer said he felt great about pushing Microsoft into the enterprise and making the final decision about the Xbox console.

[Source: BI]