Steve Ballmer reportedly shouted at the board like a madman before retiring from Microsoft

Posted Mar 5, 2014

According to BusinessWeek, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer got into a huge shouting match with the board of directors in June 2013 before announcing his retirement several months later. The shouting match was due to the acquisition of Nokia. Microsoft’s board of directors said that they did not want to acquire Nokia and start making smartphones.

Ballmer apparently told the board that if he did not get what he wanted, then he would not be CEO anymore. The shouting could even be heard in the hall outside the conference room. The board ended up compromising with Ballmer.

Ballmer wanted Microsoft to buy Nokia’s handset business and the HERE mapping platform, but the software giant bought the handset business for $7.2 billion and licensed HERE from Nokia. Ballmer was succeeded by Microsoft’s enterprise and cloud head Satya Nadella.