Steve Ballmer Still Interested In Yahoo! Search, But Bartz Doesn’t Want To Hear It

Posted Feb 24, 2009

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer indicated that he is interested in working with Yahoo! in a search deal when talking to analysts today.  Ballmer had a hard time working with Jerry Yang, who kept demanding more money from Microsoft to be acquired.  But now he’ll have an even harder time working out a deal with new CEO Carol Bartz.  Bartz said even at one point that she did not join Yahoo! to have it be sold.

Ballmer said he was willing to engage in a discussion with Yahoo! again, but he has been “rebuffed and ignored” by Bartz according to a CNBC reporter.  Yahoo! is currently running without an M&A executive since Gerald Horkan departed.  Horkan spent most of last year working on the failed bid for Microsoft to buy out the search engine company.  Horkan left several weeks ago and has not yet been replaced.

Bartz joined Yahoo! last month.

[via CNET]