Steve Ballmer Visited Silicon Valley To Pitch Companies On Making Windows 8 Apps Before Surface Tablets Were Released

Posted Nov 19, 2013

Steve Ballmer is considered one of the biggest evangelists for Microsoft products.  When he steps down, it will be hard for Microsoft to find someone that is just as enthusiastic.  Before Ballmer decided to step down, he even visited Silicon Valley startups to convince them to make apps for the Windows 8 operating system.

Flipboard CEO Mike McCue told BusinessInsider that his company built an app for Windows 8.  Startups have a tendency to put their developer resources on building apps for iOS and Android first.  McCue said that one of the primary reasons why his company decided to build for Windows 8 is because Ballmer came to the Flipboard offices with the Surface tablets team before the product was released.

McCue said that Ballmer was truly impressive and he found his evangelism for the product to be inspiring.  Ballmer also visited other Silicon Valley startups to make a similar pitch.