Steve Ballmer’s Expresses Cognitive Dissonance Jokingly About Yahoo! Bid

Posted Apr 19, 2008

“Wow! We offered 31 bucks a share.”
-Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft

Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) was attending a technology conference in Seattle recently.  At the conference, the head of Microsoft asked the audience to raise their hands to find out how many people used Yahoo! as their search engine of choice.  Only a few hands were raise.  Even fewer than Windows Live Search.  When asked about Google, a majority of the room raised their hands.

“Wow! We offered 31 bucks a share,” stated Ballmer jokingly in response to the poll.  Early this year, Microsoft made an offer to acquire Yahoo! for about $42.3 billlion through an unsolicited bid.

Before you pull out the dictionary:
Cognitive Dissonance: “Cognitive dissonance most often occurs after the purchase of an expensive item such as an automobile. A consumer who is experiencing cognitive dissonance after his or her purchase may attempt to return the product or may seek positive information about it to justify the choice.” [Source: via]

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