Steve Jobs Attempted To Help Mark Hurd Remain As CEO At HP

Posted Jan 22, 2013

In August 2010, former HP CEO Mark Hurd stepped down after a sexual harassment claim and he had messed up expense reports that were related to his inappropriate relationship with Jodie Fisher, an actress that was hired as a hostess for HP events.  After Hurd was fired, HP brought in Léo Apotheker.  Léo was at the company for under a year and then Meg Whitman was brought in.  Although the company is still a PC giant, they are seeing their market share being chipped away by companies.  At the time that Hurd was taking a lot of heat for the scandal, the late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs decided to offer him some support.

Steve Jobs wanted to help Hurd keep his job as CEO according to BusinessWeek.  Around three days after Hurd was let go by HP, Jobs e-mailed him to ask if he needed someone to talk to.  Hurd ended up meeting Jobs at his home and they went for a walk.  While the two were walking “Jobs pleaded with Hurd to do whatever it took to set things right with the board so that Hurd could return. Jobs even offered to write a letter to HP?s directors and to call them up one by one,” wrote BusinessWeek.  Hurd did not want to go back to HP with his tail between his legs.

Jobs was very fond of HP.  When he was a teenager, he looked up to Bill Hewlett.  After looking up Bill Hewlett in the phone book, Jobs asked him for spare parts for some electronics that he was building.  Hewlett ended up giving Jobs a summer job along with the spare parts.

In Steve Jobs’ biography written by Walter Isaacson, Jobs said “Hewlett and Packard built a great company, and they thought they had left it in good hands. But now it?s being dismembered and destroyed. I hope I?ve left a stronger legacy so that will never happen at Apple.”

[Source: BusinessInsider]