Steve Jobs Day: Top 10 Notably Embarrassing Mistakes In Microsoft’s History!

Posted Sep 16, 2008

Today is Steve Jobs’ day.  Today is the day in history where Steve Jobs left Apple (1985) and the day where he came back to rejuvenate the company (1997).  This is why we’ve decided to pick on Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) today with the Top 10 Microsoft Mistakes.  Microsoft has done great things in revolutionizing the PC industry, but everyone needs roasting… So in celebration of Steve Jobs day, let’s get this list started.

10. Bill Gates Runs Like A Girl
G4TV’s Attack of the Show created a viral video called “Bill Gates Runs Like A Girl.” In this video, an Attack of the Show host dresses up like Steve Jobs and asks “What is that, is that any way for a CEO to enter a conference?  Apple says no.  Which is why we are offering that video of Bill Gates prancing around as a free download on iTunes.”

9. Bill Gates Runs Away After The Daily Show with Jon Stewart Interview
Jon Stewart asked Bill Gates about whether computers have met expectations.  Stewart also asked Gates whether computers have evolved as fast as he thought they would.  Bill Gates said there are a lot of things left to be done with that vision. After Jon Stewart thanked Bill Gates for being there, the Microsoft CEO just took off.  Typically The Daily Show guests hang back on the couch after being thanked for being there and make small talk before the show cuts to a commercial.  Gates didn’t get that memo.  Check the video below:

8.) Steve Ballmer’s 1986 Windows 1.0 Advertisement
Steve Ballmer, the current CEO of Microsoft made an advertisement for Windows 1.0 in 1986.  The world’s most used operating system was once pitched like an infomercial.  How much do you think Windows 1.0 costs?  $500?  $1000?  No, only $99!  Except in Nebraska.  Sorry, Cornhuskers.

7.) Steve Ballmer Laughing At The iPhone
“Hahaha $500, fully subsidized with a plan, I said that is the most expensive phone in the world.”  The phone doesn’t appeal to business customers because it doesn’t have a keyboard, eh?  Eight million iPhones were manufactured in the last year alone.  While Ballmer laughs at the iPhone, Apple laughs all the way to the bank.

6.) Steve Ballmer Monkey Boy Dance
I’ve never seen someone dance so enthusiastically with Gloria Estefan’s Get On Your Feet in the background.  Ballmer is courageous, but there is no way that this can’t be embarrassing.

Windows 98 Presentation on CNN:

Olympics in Beijing Opening Ceremony 2008

[photo credit: Gizmodo]

During early development presentation of Microsoft XBox

[photo credit: Wikipedia]

Where is the most funniest place you’ve seen a blue screen of death (BSoD)?  Leave one in the comments.

4.) Zune sales
The Microsoft Zune is a portable video and music player created by the software giant specifically to compete with the Apple iPod.  In December 2006, J. Allard sent everyone working on the Microsoft Zune a clip of Steve Jobs describing how Microsoft has no taste in order to get them fired up.  In two years, the Zune sold about 2 million units.  On average, Apple sells about 10 million per quarter.

3.) Windows Vista
Windows Vista was probably one of the most criticized operating systems I have seen produced by Microsoft.  The user account control seems unnecessary.  Licensing Windows Vista is very expensive.  The speed of the operating system is slower than Windows XP.  Basic file operations like unzipping, copying, pasting, and deleting is slower than many other operating systems as it is on Vista.

People have become so skeptical about Windows Vista that Microsoft decided to run a $300 million advertising campaign that consists of The Mojave Experiment and the hiring of Jerry Seinfeld as the spokesman.  The Mojave Experiment basically faked out computer users into thinking that they are using an upcoming operating system when it is actually Vista.

2.) Attempt to Acquire Yahoo!
Yahoo! is the #1 search engine.  Microsoft is getting their butts handed to them by Google, but Microsoft has a pretty penny to spend on acquisitions.  As a matter of fact, they have about 23 quadrillion pennies of spending power in their market cap.  Microsoft waved a $45 billion carrot in front of Yahoo!, but they didn’t want to hear it.  Yahoo! turned them down and made a pact with Google instead.  Do you know what you can do with $45 billion?  Google started with only $100,000 in seed funding, let’s just say that.

1.) Microsoft Windows Me and Bob
Windows Me and Microsoft Bob were probably the worst productions that came out of Microsoft.  Me (Millenium) was released in September 2000 and Microsoft Bob was released in 1995.  Bob was a user-friendly version of Windows 3.1x and Windows 95 complete with a smiley face wearing glasses.  In the Bob operating system, random and vague cartoon characters would appear to try and assist with a task.  Bob earned Microsoft the #7 place of the 25 worst products of all time by PC World Magazine.

Windows Me was the successor to Windows 98.  Windows Me was known for its constant freeze locks and unreliability.  PC World dubbed Me as “Mistake Edition” and listed it as #4 for the Worst Tech Product of All Time.

Here are a few more contenders that almost made the list.  If I’m missing any, let me know in the comments.
1.) Balmer – Developers, developers, developers.
2.) MS Works – What a joke