Steve Jobs Gives Surprise Call To 10 Billionth iTunes Song Customer Louie Sulcer

Posted Feb 27, 2010

This past week Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) sold their 10 billionth song on iTunes. The 10 billionth customer was Louie Sulcer of Woodstock, Georgia. Given the milestone, Steve Jobs decided to reach out to Sulcer through a phone call. ?He called me and said, ?This is Steve Jobs from Apple.? I said, ?Yeah right,? ? said Sulcer in an interview with Rolling Stone. ?I have a son that loves to play tricks and he does that every now and then ? calls me and imitates somebody.?

Sulcer’s caller ID said Apple on it and he had no idea that there was a contest taking place on iTunes. The 10 billionth customer would be given a $10,000 iTunes gift card. The 10 billionth song to be downloaded was “Guess Things Happen That Way” by Johnny Cash. [Rolling Stone]