Steve Jobs Returns To Work After Liver Transplant

Posted Jun 25, 2009

Recently a hospital in Tennessee admitted that they had performed a liver transplant on Apple CEO Steve Jobs.  About 6,500 Americans are fortunate to receive such an operation every year while 16,000 others are still on a waiting list.  Paying for a transplant is illegal so Jobs did not do that.  The reason why he received the transplant is because the hospital said that he was the sickest patient waiting for a liver when it had become available.

The operation took place at the Methodist University Hospital Transplant Institute.  Jobs suffered from pancreatic cancer in 2004 which lead to the liver transplant need.  Back in January Jobs claimed that his malnourished appearance was due to a hormone imbalance.  According to Dr. Anthony D’Alessandro, liver transplant chief at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, anyone is able to go to the Scientific Registry of Transplant Recipients website and find out how long the average wait times and the success rates are for every transplant program in the nation.  Jobs was able to get on the shorter waiting list in Tennessee.

To get accepted into a liver transplant program, the patient must go to the facility and be evaluated by the staff.  Several tests are taken to ensure that there is a medical need for a transplant.  Once a patient is accepted, they must get to the facility within seven or eight hours of being noticed.  People can be added to as many waiting lists as they want as long as they are able to get to the facility in time and meet other conditions.

After the transplant was complete, Methodist University transplant chief Dr. James Eason said that Jobs has an “excellent prognosis,” meaning Jobs is on the way to recovery.   Eason was right because Jobs was spotted returning to work earlier this week.

[via Associated Press]