Steve Jobs Shall Return

Posted Feb 25, 2009

Today there was a shareholder meeting for Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL).  Even though the company has been hush-hush about the matter of Steve Jobs’ health over the last 9 months, Tim Cook assures that he will be back.  There will be no changes to the announcement that they made earlier.  Jobs will return in June.

?He is deeply involved in all strategic matters and has delegated day-to-day authority to Tim Cook and his team,? stated a co-lead director of Apple and the CEO Genentech Inc. Arthur Levinson, ?That?s where it stands.?

Apple general counsel Daniel Cooperman refused to answer a question about how Apple handled the investigation by security regulators regarding the disclosure of Jobs’ health.  ?I was disappointed by the fact that the board was not more transparent about the health of Mr. Jobs in addition to a succession plan,? stated Brandon Rees, representative of the AFL CIO Reserve Fund.

Cook also gave an update regarding the shareholder voting of Apple’s eight member board of directors.  Jobs, Al Gore, and Google CEO Eric Schmidt were re-elected.  Steve Jobs turned 54 this week.

[via NYT]