Steve Jobs Spearheaded Apple Maps Development

Posted Oct 3, 2012

Steve Jobs, the late co-founder of Apple, spearheaded the move to replace Google Maps on the iPhone with Apple’s own mapping application.  It has been reported that Google would not provide turn-by-turn directions on Google Maps.

?Apple insiders say Jobs himself initiated the mapping project, putting mobile software chief Forstall in charge, and he installed a secret team on the third floor of Building 2 on Apple?s campus to replace Google Maps on the iPhone,? stated BusinessWeek. ?At the time of his death, Jobs had come to loathe Google, which he felt was copying features of the iPhone while withholding a key feature of Google Maps that allows smartphones to dictate turn-by-turn directions aloud.?

Jobs was livid with Google’s development of Android to the point where he wanted to drop Google search from the iPhone.  However he backed down from that after realizing that customers would reject that move.  Apple started to acquire mapping companies as early as 2009.