Steve Jobs Talks Gizmodo, Adobe, AT&T, Etc. At D8 Conference

Posted Jun 2, 2010

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) CEO Steve Jobs was at the All Things D D8 conference yesterday. While being interviewed, Jobs covered all sorts of topics at the conference including the original iPhone OS, AT&T and other networks, the Gizmodo incident, Adobe, and Google.  Below is the list of how Jobs answered questions about the aforementioned topics.

Original iPhone OS
The original iPhone OS was put on a tablet at first.  At the conference Steve Jobs said when he first looked at the iPhone OS on the tablet, he said “My God, I said, this would make a great phone? so we shelved the tablet and built the iPhone.”

AT&T vs. Other Networks
At the conference Steve Jobs admitted that there might be an advantage to having the iPhone on multiple carriers.  Jobs said that AT&T is doing “pretty good” at improving their networks, but “could do better” in other ways.  Jobs also said that AT&T deals with more data traffic than anyone else.  When asked if the iPhone would be available on other carriers in the near future, Jobs said “You know I can’t comment on that.”

Steve Jobs indicated that he was not going to let the Gizmodo incident slide.  “You know, when this whole thing with Gizmodo happened, I got advice from people who said ‘you gotta just let it slide, you shouldn’t go after a journalist just because they bought stolen property and tried to extort you.’ And I thought deeply about this, and I concluded the worst thing that could happen is if we change our core values and let it slide. I can’t do that. I’d rather quit,” said Jobs in the interview.

This past April Gizmodo bought an iPhone prototype from a person that found it at a bar.  Gizmodo offered to return it if Apple confirmed that it was going to be the next iPhone.

Steve Jobs was asked about how Google decided to launch Android, despite being a major partner with Apple at one point.  AllThingsD co-founder Walt Mossberg asked Jobs about what he thinks about being betrayed by Google CEO Eric Schmidt.  Steve Jobs said ?My sex life is pretty good.?

Steve Jobs recently wrote a paper about the conflict that Adobe has with Apple.  The 1,700 word blog post that Steve Jobs wrote talked about how Flash is a slow technology and how their security records are not strong.  Jobs mentioned that many technologies have cycles and then go to the grave.  This is one of the reasons why the 3.5″ floppy was removed from Macs.  Apple also got rid of serial and parallel ports in favor of USB ports.  ?Sometimes you have to pick the right horses. Flash looks like it had its day but it?s waning. And HTML5 looks like it?s coming up,? said Jobs.