Steve Jobs time capsule was found after 30 years and will be featured on ‘Diggers’ TV show

Posted Feb 12, 2014

Steve Jobs gave a presentation at the Aspen International Design Conference in 1983. Steve Jobs gave a speech talking about the future of technology. Jobs used a Lisa mouse to give the presentation. After the presentation was done, attendees donated several items to a time capsule.

Jobs donated the Lisa mouse. The capsule used to be called the Aspen Time Tube and it was buried in an Aspen field. The time capsule got lost until recently. It was originally supposed to be dug up in 2000. National Geographic reality show Diggers located the time capsule and opened it up while the cameras were rolling.

It was dug up in September of last year and it took a while to search through the huge tube to find the mouse. Inside of the tube was also a six pack of Ballantine beer. Diggers is going to premier on February 25th of this year with the Steve Jobs time capsule serving as the opening episode.

[Source: Geek]