Steve Jobs: “We Don’t Track Anyone. The Info Circulating Around Is False.”

Posted Apr 25, 2011

Last week I wrote about how the Apple iPhone 4 and iPad 3G was storing location information in a database file. The database file was discovered by Alasdair Allan and Pete Warden. Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) CEO Steve Jobs had something to say about the matter when he was asked about it. “We don’t track anyone. The info circulating around is false,” said Jobs in an e-mail.

Jobs did not provide any additional clarification about the matter. As many of Jobs’ previously revealed e-mails, this one was quite brief. This was the answer he provided to the question:

“Could you please explain the necessity of the passive location-tracking tool embedded in my iPhone? It’s kind of unnerving knowing that my exact location is being recorded at all times. Maybe you could shed some light on this for me before I switch to a Droid. They don’t track me.”

The Google Android operating system gathers location information, but regularly wipes it out. Users have the ability to turn off location services entirely and all location features require authorization from the user. However a test by The Wall Street Journal reveals that the location database is still being compiled when location services are entirely turned off. The government is looking into this matter as we speak.