Former Apple Insider: “Steve Would Have Lost His Mind Over Siri”

Posted May 24, 2012

Tim Cook has been profiled in this month’s issue of Fortune. Cook is being portrayed as a leader that is approachable. When a group of investors visited Apple as part of a “bus tour,” Apple CEO Tim Cook actually showed up to the meeting and answered questions diligently. This is something that Steve Jobs never did. As CEO, Cook also issued a dividend to shareholders and created a program to match employee gifts to charity. Cook also sits randomly with Apple employees in the cafeteria at lunchtime whereas Jobs typically dined with design chief Jonathan Ive. This is a small difference that employees have seen in terms of interacting with their CEO. In terms of shortcomings at the company since Jobs passed away is Siri. Siri is still in “beta” mode and it’s response time is considered slow. The servers and software powering Siri are inadequate. “People are embarrassed by Siri,” stated a former insider at the company. “Steve would have lost his mind over Siri.”