Steve Wozniak: Apple and Google Should Work Together

Posted Nov 4, 2013

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak was recently interviewed with the BBC.  In the interview, Wozniak said that if he was still working at Apple, he would likely partner with Google.  Wozniak said that Apple would be able to improve their voice-assistant software Siri by tying it with Google.

“I wish to God that Apple and Google were partners in the future,” said Wozniak in the interview.

Wozniak was asked how likely it would be for Apple and Google to team up in the future.  He said “I don’t know. If I were there, it would be pretty likely.”

However, Wozniak acknowledged that there are likely good reasons why they are not partners though.  “I’m probably wrong ? there’s probably an awful lot I don’t know about the business concerns, and one thing you’ve got to remember is a company has always got to make money.”


Woniak said that Apple should also consider partnering with Samsung.  He said that there are things that he sees on Samsung phones that he wishes was on the iPhone.  He believes that Apple should consider cross-licensing and sharing technology.

[Source: BBC]