Steve Wozniak Joins Board For Storage Hardware Company, Fusion-io

Posted Oct 13, 2008

[image credit: Wikipedia]

Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) has joined the Advisory Board for Fusion-io.  Fusion-io is working on building faster I/O memory and storage.  Wozniak will be providing consulting based on market trends, R&D, and product road maps for the Utah-based hardware company. 

Seldom have I seen technology advances that win in almost every way at the same time, in terms of speed, capacity, reliability, endurance, power usage and simplicity, stated Wozniak. The products from Fusion-io are extremely useful to so many different applications, not to mention most of the world?s servers.

Fusion-io creates hardware that can be directly attached into any server.  Fusion-io’s first product was called the ioDrive.

?Steve Wozniak played a significant role in the invention of the home computer and, in doing so, helped companies move from monolithic, proprietary mainframes to today?s more open and easy-to-manage client server architecture,? stated Fusion-io CEO, Don Basile. ?We are honored that Steve has joined our company and we look forward to the influence his imagination and guidance will have on Fusion-io and our technology. Steve?s understanding and recognition of the game-changing nature of our technology is further proof of the transformative power Fusion-io is bringing to the enterprise marketplace.