Steve Wozniak Talks About Inaccuracies With ‘Jobs’ Movie

Posted Aug 17, 2013

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak spoke with Bloomberg to give a review about the ‘Jobs’ movie.  ‘Jobs’ is a biography movie about how Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak came built Apple Inc.  Ashton Kutcher played the role of Steve Jobs and Josh Gad played the role of Steve Wozniak.

Wozniak personally attended a midnight premiere of the film and was not thrilled with the way that movie turned out.  He believes that the movie was not very accurate, nor did he read Walter Isaacson’s biography on Jobs.  He believes that the most accurate portrayal of Apple from the early stages are written in the pages of his book iWoz.

Aaron Sorkin, the director of The Social Network movie, is working on another Steve Jobs moved that is based on the Walter Isaacson biography on Steve Jobs.

Wozniak said that the producers of the movie created the script and then asked Wozniak for feedback rather than creating the script after getting feedback.  Wozniak believes that Jobs was glorified without acknowledging his flaws as a young entrepreneur.  Wozniak also believes the movie “Jobs” did not give credit to a lot of people that served helped grow Apple from the early days.

Ashton Kutcher bluntly accused Wozniak of being paid by another company to support a different Steve Jobs movie.  “Woz is being paid by another company to support a different Steve Jobs film,? stated Kutcher. ?It?s personal for him, but it?s also business. We have to keep that in mind.”

Check out the full interview below:

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