Raises Angel Funding

Posted Sep 24, 2008 is a real-time stock conversation.  When a user follows the @StockTwits bot on Twitter, they can give an opinion about a specific stock symbol through a Tweet.  The tweets will appear alongside the profile of the stock symbol.  Therefore you can compare what is happening to a stock and compare the Tweets next to them in real-time.  All of the information is archived too. 

Below is a screen shot of how it works:

Investors in StockTwit include Howard Lindzon and Roger Ehrenberg according to AlleyInsider.  Both of these individuals have invested Silicon Alley Media, the parent company of  Lindzon is the founder of Wallstrip, which sold to CBS for $5 million.  This company is part of an ecosystem of companies that has been created around Twitter.  Other companies in Twitter’s ecosystem includes Twhirl, Summize, Tweet Scan, hashtags, Twitterfone, Twittervision, Twitterholic, and 8ZAP.