Police Arrest Man For Hauling Over $12M In Stolen LG G2s

Posted Oct 29, 2013

The police has arrested a man that was hauling over $12 million in stolen smartphones, according to the Kentucky State Police.  Juan Perez Gonzalez was arrested in Louisville after he crashed his tractor trailer in a utility pole.  The truck was carrying over $12 million in LG G2 smartphones.

Last week, around 22,500 LG G2 handsets went missing at a truck stop in Gary, Indiana.  The Kentucky State Police partnered with Louisville Metro Police, the FBI, and the National Insurance Crime Bureau to conduct surveillance on the cargo.

After arresting Perez Gonzalez, the police charged him with stolen property worth over $10,000, leaving the scene of an accident, and theft with the unlawful taking of goods valued at over $1 million.  Perez Gonzalez is currently out on bail.

[Source: CNET]