Story Platform Company Totella Launches

Posted Aug 17, 2012

Totella is a new web startup company founded by three entrepreneurs of the Sikh religion.  When Totella launched, they started by adding a tribute to the victims of the August 5th Sikh massacre in Wisconsin.

“The general idea behind Totella is that the world around us is made up of stories about people, places, and events.  Until now, the Internet has only let us see fragments of these stories in a variety of locations.  We rarely got to see the whole story in one place.  Totella changes that.  We are here to-tell-a?story.  Each person has a piece of the story. Totella provides a way to see all our pieces, through pictures and videos, all in one place. Totella lets us see the whole story,” said Totella founder and CEO Paul Singh.

Totella received early support from the Sikh community such as the Sikh Coalition.  ?Our team was immediately engaged in the crisis response to the tragedy in Oak Creek, WI on August 5th,? stated the Sikh Coalition Executive Director Sapreet Kaur, Executive Director of the Sikh Coalition. ?As all Americans across the country lent support to and stood in solidarity with the Sikh community, Totella provided an effective story telling platform for people to stand together against hate.?