Strategy Analytics: Apple Was The #1 Mobile Maker Company In Q4 2012

Posted Feb 2, 2013

Apple beat Samsung as the top mobile maker by volume in Q4 2012 according to Strategy Analytics. This is the first time Apple was at the top after taking a record 34% marketshare as the company had around 17.7 million smartphone shipments. Samsung was in second place with a 32.3% marketshare and they hit 16.8 million smartphone shipments. LG was in third place at a 9% marketshare with 4.7 million smartphone shipments.

For the full year, Samsung was on top with a 31.8% market share.  Apple was at 26.2% and LG was at 12.3% for the full year.  The device that drove Apple’s growth was the new iPhone 5.  This is why Apple was on top for Q4.  Samsung held the title as the top mobile maker since 2008 until they were dethroned by Apple in Q4.

?LG will be aiming to fight back this year with new and improved models like the Optimus G 4G LTE,? said Strategy Analytics analyst Linda Sui.

[Source: TechCrunch]