Stribe Builds Social Network Platform To Integrate Around Your Website

Posted Sep 18, 2009

Stribe has a business model that will sound very familiar to everyone, creating a customized social network platform around your website. There are a few small start-ups here and there that will offer such a service for a chunk of change, but Stribe is making it free. Stribe says that they are unique because the social network will be built around your website with your own branding. Most other services have their brand and are a website set up under your website’s name. IMHO social networks were really hot a few years ago, but that trend is starting to lose its flair.

As a matter of fact a lot of companies are shutting down their social network services (*cough Yahoo!*). However Stribe prides itself on their strength of making it easy to integrate the service instantly on a website. The Stribe toolbar appears at the bottom of websites similar to Meebo’s toolbar. However Meebo is more about chatting and Stribe is more about comments, members, and chat.

Stribe is customizable and the toolbar can be moved around if you please. The colors can be changed around too. People who join the Stribe community through your website become a permanent Stribe members so that they can communicate on other Stribe-powered website toolbars. Stribe will charge about $10-$50 for premium accounts. The company is led by CEO Kamel Zeroual and CTO Gael Delalleau. Stribe is based in Paris, France and has about $600,000 in funding. The company demonstrated their product at the TechCrunch50 conference.