Stripe Announces Partnership With Chilling Effects

Posted Sep 29, 2012

Stripe is an online payment processing services company.  Stripe was co-founded by Patrick Collison and John Collison and it received $20 million in funding from Sequoia Capital, Andreessen Horowitz, SV Angel, Peter Thiel, and Elon Musk.  Stripe has just announced a partnership called Chilling Effects.  Chilling Effects will report the “take-down requests” that it receives from third parties.  Stripe said that they are the first payments company to partner with Chilling Effects to create an entirely new category to track complaints.  Below is what Stripe wrote about in regards to the partnership:

From now on, whenever a third party sends a legal request for us to stop working with a user, we will pass a copy of the request to Chilling Effects. (We will, however, first give the user the chance to opt out of this disclosure.) Reporting take-down requests is standard practice at Google, Twitter, and GitHub today.

We simply want to implement the right policies as early as possible, and we intend to build on these steps over time.