Student Suing Because His Kindle Ate His Homework

Posted Aug 1, 2009

Back in the day when I was a kid, when people forgot their homework, they would frantically try to complete it about 15 minutes beforehand or say that you got a computer virus and it was deleted it.  Now there is a more high-tech reason why you may have lost your homework. recently had 1984 deleted from thousands of Kindles and Justin Gawronski lost his electronic notes for the book.  Now there is a class action lawsuit against as a result of the deletion.  The class action lawsuit is seeking punitive damages from Amazon for those that were affected by the deletion of the book.  The lawsuit is also seeking an injuction that forbids Amazon from improperly accessing the Kindle in the future too.

1984 is a novel about a civil servant named Winston Smith that was assigned the task of promoting a regime’s agenda by manipulating records and political literature.  In turn, Smith starts a rebellion against the regime and is arrested and tortured as a result.  The coincidence that it was this novel that caused a civil lawsuit against just makes it even more newsworthy.

[via Gizmodo]