Students Looking For Corporate Jobs, Check First

Posted Oct 17, 2008

I had not heard about until the blog post written on ZDNet today. is basically a site that reviews the management of a company and reveals the salary that you receive.  This is hell for H.R. and CEOs because students can use this information as leverage to negotiate their packages.  Prior to today, students had to provide information about their employer to be able to log in and review information about other companies.

Now any student can log in and review the details about the company.  I’m guessing Glassdoor did this to promote growth and encourage more people to use the service.  Currently there are 11,000 companies in the database to check out.  The companies listed are wide in range and include major technology and financial companies such as Microsoft, Cisco, Deloitte, Accenture, Yahoo!, and J.P. Morgan.

To open an account, students have to send an e-mail from  their university accounts to  Below is a screenshot of some of the CEO reviews of the major companies.  You’ll instantly notice that overall employers rated Microsoft and Google highly.  But the approval ratings for Microsoft and Yahoo!’s CEOs are not that great when compared to Cisco, JPMorgan, and Google.

I think Glassdoor is a very interesting tool to have and I’d definetely be all over it if I was a new college grad searching for my corporate calling again.