STUDY: 40% Of The Top Brands Are On Instagram

Posted Aug 9, 2012

As Instagram has surfaced upon 80 million users, Seattle-based research company Simply Measured has launched an Instagram analytics tool for the public and their enterprise customers.  Simply Measured also released a study they conducted on the Interbrand 100 firms based on their user of Instagram.  It turns out that 40% of the Interbrand 100 have an Instagram presence.

The Interbrand 100 is a list of one hundred of the most valuable brands including Apple, Coca-Cola, Microsoft, GE, McDonalds, and Intel.  About 35% of the active 40% have 20,000 followers or more.  MTV and Starbucks alone have almost 1 million followers each, but Nike and Audi lead in user engagement.  These brands prefer to use the “Lo-fi” and “X-Pro II” filters the most.

Instagram was acquired by Facebook for $1 billion a few months ago.

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