STUDY: Bing Shows 5 Times More Malicious Websites Than Google

Posted Apr 14, 2013

According to an eighteen month study by German independent testing company AV-Test, the Microsoft Bing search engine returned five times more links to malicious websites than Google.  Even though Microsoft works hard on suppressing malicious content from entering their search crawler, many malware-infested websites appear in the top results.

In the study, around 40 million websites were analyzed from seven different search engines.  Around 10 million results came from Bing and another 10 million were from Google.  About 13 million websites were from Yandex.  The rest of them were from Blekko, Faroo, Baidu, and Teoma.  In the 40 million website, AV-Test found 5,000 pieces of malware content.

Google was the found to be the safest because they delivered the least content.  This was followed by Bing, but they should 5 times as much malware as Google.  Yandex showed 10 times as many malicious websites.  Of the 5,000 pieces of malware, around 3,330 were found in Yandex alone.  Bing had 1,285 malware results in 10 million pages.  Google showed only 272 malicious results in 10 million websites.

If you use Google or Bing on a regular basis, the chances of encountering a malicious website for your daily common searches are low.  The chance of hitting malware on is 1 out of 40,118, according to PCMag.