Study Suggests That People That Do Not Have A Facebook Account Should Be Flagged

Posted Aug 8, 2012

Apparently if you are not on Facebook, you could be a “psychopath” according to a new study.  The study was conducted by employers and psychologists.  The German magazine Der Taggspiegel even pointed out that movie theater shooter James Holmes and Norwegian mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik share something in common — they both did not have a Facebook account. reported that HR departments across the country are wary of candidates that do not have a Facebook account.

The concern about people that do not have a Facebook account is that the candidate must be full of red flags so their account had to be deleted.

This is a bit odd because I have a few friends that are not suspicious at all that do not have Facebook accounts or are completely inactive.  When some of my medical student friends start applying for residency, they also change their names entirely so that nobody can find them also.  Society is very judgmental about people.  Even if people see their doctor sitting at a bar drinking a beer in a Facebook photo, some people tend to freak out.

You may remember that James Holmes did have a social networking presence though.  He was trying to hook up with people on AdultFriendFinder.  Perhaps there is a correlation between being rejected for hook-ups on AdultFriendFinder and being a psycho.

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