StumbleUpon Enhances Web Toolbar

Posted Apr 27, 2009

Fresh from spinning off independently from eBay, StumbleUpon has updated their web toolbar to match some of the features that are on the web browser software add-on version of the toolbar.  Now the web toolbar allows you to select certain categories to stumble through and it displays the number of comments on the website.  Stories can be voted up or down, favorited, and e-mailed to friends.

As a matter of fact, when click on the share it button, another iFrame will open on the right hand side of the browser that will allow you to send the website to all of your StumbleUpon friends.  Even if you click Stumble!, the Share iFrame will remain intact.  This is useful because you don’t have to keep clicking on Share It every time you stumble to a new website.

Personally I’m still a bigger fan of the browser toolbar because it is easier than having to go to the StumbleUpon website to get started, but this makes it convenient for those that don’t use browsers supported by the software toolbar such as Google Chrome and Apple Safari.