StumbleUpon Is Offering $10,000 To Help Them Find A Good PHP Architect

Posted Feb 25, 2010

StumbleUpon founder Garrett Camp just sent out a tweet that said “Do you know a rockstar PHP architect? We are now offering a $10,000 referral bonus for this position at StumbleUpon!” StumbleUpon is based in San Francisco, California. Below is some of the credentials that they are looking for:
* PHP expert with strong LAMP stack experience.
* BS in computer science or related field.
* 5+ years experience designing and building commercial internet applications.
* Experience building large-scale web-applications.
* Experience with Javascript and SQL.
* Experience using Memcache in large scale production environments.
* Experience working in small development teams within large-scale operations environments.
* Familiarity with StumbleUpon.

The official application page is located here: Check out our previous StumbleUpon coverage here: