StumbleUpon Launching Pro Version and Is Growing 700,000 Users Per Month

Posted Dec 2, 2010

StumbleUpon CEO Garrett Camp took some time off to report some of their plans to the media. Camp said that StumbleUpon is growing 700,000 new users per month. Currently they have over 12 million users.

Camp said that they are revamping their ad buying platform that will appeal to more agencies and buyers by selling demographic and geographic targeting data. StumbleUpon has about 60 employs and has applications for the iPad, iPhone, and Android.

StumbleUpon’s Android application lets you discover Android apps and this is doing very well. The company hopes to have a “Stumble” button available on TVs, buttons, the desktop, video game consoles, etc.

Next year StumbleUpon plans to launch as “Pro” version. This allows brands and users to curate their own content and suggest content to reach larger audiences. The Pro accounts will be distinguished similar to how Twitter has a “Verified” badge.