StumbleUpon Nears 10 Million Users

Posted May 4, 2010

StumbleUpon is still my favorite link sharing social media tool so I am proud to announce that the company is nearing 10 million users. On the StumbleUpon blog, the company announced some of the latest stats. StumbleUpon became independent over a year ago and has launched several new features since. The company released web toolbar, announced a content syndication website called, a revamped advertising platform, an iPad app, new badges, etc.

Below are some additional stats:
1. 118% growth in active users since 2009.
2. #1 in ranking for social media traffic sources
3. 5.4 billion recommendations delivered since April 2009 — Over 500 million recommendations made in March alone.
4. People click the Stumble button about 25 times on average per day.
5. Over 100,000 StumbleUpon Fans on Facebook.
6. 9,908,350 registered accounts on StumbleUpon — 30% growth rate since March 2009.

The company is nearing 10 million users! [StumbleUpon Blog]