StumbleUpon Toolbar Going Web-Based

Posted Oct 1, 2008

StumbleUpon the website review company that was bought out by eBay Inc. (NASDAQ:EBAY) for $75 million released a new feature earlier tonight.  StumbleUpon is especially known for their toolbar where users can Stumble to any random websites, review any website that they have visited, add friends, and add favorite sites.  Tonight StumbleUpon is releasing a toolbar that is web-based and doesn’t require a browser plugin. 

Initiating the web-based toolbar requires the user to start from the StumbleUpon homepage.  The homepage contains several categories where users can check out as a starting point for stumbling sites.  When the user leaves, the web-based toolbar will follow.  The StumbleUpon team has been playing around with the idea of a web-based toolbar over the last 6 years. 

StumbleUpon is also releasing a widget that allows publishers to show-off how many times that users have hit “I like it” for their individual blog posts or news stories in a counter form.  The widget would also allow users to view other related content on the counter.

StumbleUpon was founded by Garrett Camp.  StumbleUpon receives 35,000 new URLs submitted per day across 6 million users.  When asked if eBay is considering selling off StumbleUpon, Camp stated that he cannot respond to rumors.