StumbleUpon Users Get A New Homepage With Focus On Search and News Feed

Posted Oct 8, 2009

Oh, hello there new StumbleUpon design. This past April, StumbleUpon had spun-off from their parent company eBay and has been improving upon the service ever since. The company improved their web toolbar and created a new analytics service called

Now the social media toolbar company has launched a new user interface that is “somewhere between a Twitter and Google” according to StumbleUpon co-founder Garrett Camp. StumbleUpon has about 8 million users that have stumbled about 35 million websites. All of these stumbled websites have now been indexed and StumbleUpon is tracking how many hits have been sent to them. The homepage for StumbleUpon users shows the recent activity for themselves and their friends.

StumbleUpon search results can be sorted by friends and by your own stumbles. The Discover tab allows users to sort recent stumbles by top rated, stumbles from friends, most shared, or by the topic. The toolbar itself will be updated later this week which will have the new features integrated. The toolbar will also have a new feature which will allow users to share links on Twitter and Facebook.

Below is a screenshot of the new user homepage: