Sub.Digger+ Digg Script Makes Tracking Friends More Intuitive, But Puts Users At Risk

Posted Jun 19, 2009

Sub.Digger+ is a new script made for social news website  Sub.Digger+ makes using a lot more intuitive especially if you and your friends are active on the website.  The service showcases a friends’ story submissions in an iframe slideshow format.  Digg allows you to view a friends’ submission too, but it is delivered in a way where you have to click through many pages to see them.

The problem with Sub.Digger+ is that it is a script.  Digg’s terms of service explicitly states that users that have scripts may be banned.  This is the reason why Brian Cuban was banned and why user MrBabyMan Andrew Sorcini was interrogated last year.  Digg user DiggBoss sent an e-mail to Digg admins about why his scripts should be allowed and why users should not be banned.  Digg employee Jen Burton did not give much of a response to the scripts except that the company was tweaking the algorithm to make Digg users feel like it was not necessary to use scripts.

To get started with Sub.Digger+, go to and type in your user name.  After that the Digg toolbar will appear at the top and the Sub.Digger+ toolbar will appear at the bottom.  All of your friends’ latest submissions will appear in ascending order by submission.  There is even a list view feature that shows over 100 submitted friend stories at once.

[via ReadWriteWeb]