SugarCRM Chief John Roberts Replaced By Larry Augustin

Posted May 10, 2009

John Roberts, a co-founder of SugarCRM is being replaced by Larry Augustin.  Augustin is the former CEO of VA Linux, a vendor of Linux systems.  SugarCRM was founded by Roberts, Clint Oram, and Jacob Taylor.  Roberts did not give a reason to why he was stepping down besides the pursuit of other opportunities.

SugarCRM creates software for sales departments that keeps track of current and potential customers.  SugarCRM has about 5,000 customers.  SugarCRM directly competes with Microsoft and

“I have an immense amount of respect for the founding CEO, John Roberts,” stated Augustin on his blog.  “Few people have taken a company from concept to major growth the way John did at Sugar.”