Is The Greatest StumbleUpon Add-On Service Ever

Posted Jun 9, 2009 (pronounced “super”) is a new service that was put together by Tim Ferriss and the team over at StumbleUpon. works as a URL shortening service that connects to your StumbleUpon, Twitter, and Facebook account.  Ferriss states that helps users “get you more traffic in less time.”

Ferriss said that one of the problems he wanted to solve was that he did not want to use one URL shortening service to track analytics and another URL shortening service to send to multiple platforms.  It was too much of a hassle.  Out of this hassle and problem, Ferriss decided to come up with

Using, you can send out a link on Twitter or Facebook and monitor how many clicks were made on that link and how many more views were made on the link by StumbleUpon users. allows users to submit content that can be accessed by StumbleUpon’s nearly 8 million users.  There are even suggestions for what time a link should be submitted to get the most optimal traffic.  Best of all this whole analytics platform around StumbleUpon is in real-time.

Once you find out the optimal time to submit a story, you can even schedule what time you want to have a story sent out.  This is perfect if you are away from the computer at the time. does take over the URL of a website’s blog post or new article, but that does not hinder the website from reporting the unique visitor or pageviews.  However there will soon be an additional WordPress plugin available later this week to maintain SEO.

Personally I’ve placed a link to on my browser toolbar. I’ll be using this service quite a bit to share content that I find is interesting.

For more information, check out Ferriss’ blog post about the service on