SURVEY: One Out Of Every Four American Homes Has Netflix Streaming

Posted Feb 1, 2013

Netflix is growing at a rapid pace and it is being used in more and more American homes. According to a survey by consulting company Frank N. Magid Associates, one out of every four homes in the country now use Netflix’s Watch Instantly service. This is based on a November 2012 survey of 1,500 homes across the country. Around 55% of the people that were polled stream content, which is up from 49% in November 2011.

Netflix saw a massive gain in audience size as they went from a 20% market penetration in 2011 to 25%. Amazon Intant Video went from 5% to 8%. Hulu went up to 5% from 4% year-over-year.

?Netflix is certainly the de facto brand for long-term streaming,? she said. ?As more people discover Hulu Plus and Amazon Prime, their expectations for quality content are going to change because they tend to have the more recent content. The competition is making inroads,? stated Magid Media Futures VP Maryann Baldwin.

The advantage that Hulu is that Hulu Plus gets the latest episodes of mainstream shows before Netflix does. However Netflix will have the power of original content that is exclusive to them like the show “House of Cards” and the new upcoming season of “Arrested Development” coming this summer.

The Magid survey reports that the number of homes that have Internet-enabled TVs has risen over the past year.  Around 35% of all U.S. households have Internet-friendly TVs in November 2012 compared to 30% in November 2011.  The trend for Internet-enabled TVs will speed up in the next year and is expected to reach around 42% by the end of 2013.

[Source: Digital Trends]